Lyrics : I’m The Best (DISS TRACK)

Aj, you ready to get ripped apart fam
Yeah? Listen

Aj, I don't play fam
I got the gun on my waist like I'm Darkest Man (Darkest Man)
Let me start off by saying, you're short, you're moist
Your teeth are very, very large (very, very, la-a-arge)

Yes fam, you just got parred (what?)
I forgot to say, I also fancy your marj (she's beautiful)
You're very small, you need to get enlarged
I know this diss track is gonna leave you scarred

Aaah, yh
Don't ever try it
Even though you didn't do anything to me

Yo, Chunkz
Don't ever chat about my boy Aj like that, yeah?
I know he's short, I know his teeth are long
That's my boy, okay
Don't ever say that and I'm gonna send for you
It's gotta happen

Chunkz don't start this (eh)
I'mma leave you p*ssed
Roadman Winnie the Pooh
I win, you lose (loser)

Big gap in your teeth (big)
I'm on top, you beneath me
I'm hard, you easy
I'm Sharky, I'm cheeky

Do this daily and weekly (weekly)
So please G
Take this L, this defeat G
Haha, defeat G (yeah)

Okay, take this L (yeah)
Grr-ah g-g-g-g

Hahahah, it's Aj
I didn't pay for this beat, but, f**k all dat
I'm still rich, flute gangs
Let's get it

This ain't mask off but you need yo mask on
Breath like a teacher and you smell like a dog
You look like Jason without the mask on
Why did you stop making football videos?

Is it 'cause you broke and the CPM is low?
You can shoot a ball but you can't shoot your growth
Aj the Savage, and you is a hoe
Hahah, you is a hoe