Right now sound
Dolla $ign
Murda on the beat, so it's not nice

Suicide Ghost with the chrome on top
In the rich neighborhood with the doors unlocked
Never switched sides when I made it on top
Thought you had it for a minute, but it's over now
Seen her movin', she be doin' too much for me, yeah
She kept doin, doin', doin' too much for me, yeah

Comin' outside with the Benz outside
Money makin' moves, yeah, I been alright
What I got to lose, is it black or white?
Had to do it for the city, you know that part
Two hoes in a Focus, sh*t, we drink 'til we fall out
Moët and more patience, more rain, we gon' ball out
Hit up J on a K, on a chain pristine
Ain't no way, they gon' put me on timeout (Skrrt)
Here to stay for this life, I won't change
I got whips, I got angels on my hood when I ride out