Lyrics : Quarantine (Freeverse)

I been going crazy
Locked up in my room, Netflix gon' save me
Quarantine my house, ain't risking my safety
Isolated from the world, but sh*t, maybe
We all gone a little crazy, crazy, yeah

No disrespect to my fans
But no, I am not trying to shake your hand
If you wanna see me, see me on the 'Gram
Going on live, eating from a can
Watching re-runs, Sopranos seasons
Would do it anyway, now I got a reason
But honestly, I promise that when it's all done
I'll see ya'll then, in 2021
Eh, maybe '22
sh*t, what you gonna do?
Feeling like an animal, living in a zoo
My friends text me, I'm like, "don't come through"
Yeah, I'm living like a loser, only hang with my producer
Maneuver out of the way of any commuter
f**k taking Uber
I even updated the virus protection programs up on my computer
I already told my lady, if we doing it
We'll be using hand sani' for lubricant
I'm f**king losing it
"How could you make a joke about a damn pandemic, Chris?"
Pfft, have a sense of humour, b*t*h
I'm just trying to lighten the mood
Yo, I ain't trying to be rude
I'm not the motherf**ker writing the news
I'm that guy up at the groceries who's buying the food
And filling up his f**king cabinet, entirely soup
I'm the class clown, only with some gloves and a mask now
Ain't no joints here getting passed around
Limited threat, give me a test, give me a pat down
Stuck in a house with my roommate Pat now
JP pull up with Purell
Hope he's not sick, but sh*t, we can't tell
So we staying out of social distance
It's really not hard when your whole existence
Is either on tour or I'm home alone or on the phone
I mean, honestly, I been known to go
Mad days in a row, no human contact
Netflix chillin' in my room, I'm on that
And that was all before an epidemic
It's still the same sh*t, just with more disinfectant
Not to be malicious, or unsympathetic
But all jokes aside, I just hope I don't get it