Lyrics : Want Me (Live)

I’m high I don’t know what I might do
Holy sh*t I think I like you
This ain’t something I can fight through
And I don’t want to cause I want you
Just for me, just for me

Yeah I want you just for me and baby thats the problem
Out of a million plays you tell me you don’t even want them
Maybe when you think of me, you'll see me as an option
And if you don’t then baby I’m just talking
The way you walking I get this feeling in my chest I can’t disguise, mama
I know we grown but you still give me butterflies, mama
My body freezes when you look into my eyes, wanna
See where we’ll go from here
We’ll take it to the skies
Because I’m down for anything and everything

I’m prepared. Maybe we can stay as friends
Maybe I can pull your hair
Ain’t no point in faking like it ain't no tension girl its there
You can play oblivious but baby we are both aware
Asked you would give it all to me under the circ*mstances
That you are feeling awfully ready for giving chances
Find your pride and be an independent just like Chance is

Typically two people are required for these dances
We’re playing cat and mouse
So listen imma speak up
Cuz it’s been weighing heavy on my chest like double D cups
Just throw it at me, I think I can take it to the end zone
But right now I’m just focused on gettin out of the friend zone