Lyrics : Side

On that lean shit got me moving sideways
On that bang shit you know my hat sideways
We pulling up in Audis in the driveway
Their hoes bop, niggas looking sideways

These hoes bopping us these niggas sideways
I don't give no fuck I'm bout that gun play
I smoke ganja, I let guns spray
And Tadoe: he let them guns spray
We don't give no fuck we in ya driveway
We gon let them choppas and them nines spray
I'm Sosa baby, I'm bout my money baby
Laughing baby, ain't shit funny baby
Man I got these racks on me bitch
And I know that y'all can see it
I say my bank rolls conceited
And I spend it all on doubles Gs'n


Caught his ass lacking it was broad day
Hit em with the 30 did em my way
Shoot on sight whenever I say
You get foul play, that's that gun play
Nigga took on us we let them guns spray
Shoot his fucking face with the HK
Run up out of bullets let the 8 spray
Niggas ain't with it get up out the way
I'm about to spray with the 30 shot
That's the super shot, you could meet the Glock
Posted on the block I got super rocks
Got a lot of fiends got a lot of rocks