Lyrics : Janay’s Freestyle (Blue Dreams)

I Still Love Whitley Damn, damn
Now wait a minute whats wrong with that?
People go their whole lives trying to find someone to love
And here we are acting like its a curse
We!? what are you talking French now?
What I'm saying is maybe we ought to go for it
You can't even admit it to yourself

King Blaine, K Zeus

I’m a Love you down slow
I think my true feelings is really starting the show
Rather work it out with you or really be alone
Damn I’m in my zone in and out of these flows
Right now I’m just drinking
Hennessy make Hennything happen baby I’m thinking
That stroll down Madison you know pass Lincoln
By ya job next to my crib we been linking
The distance between us really been shrinking
Girl hit my line I been stacking and banking
We could go wherever that we need to go
To get it under order then we can lose control
Master plan I always been the master mind
I got a couple dollars but there ain’t nothing like a dime
Hit it from the side front and behind
Really anyway that has me in between ya thighs
Somewhere between the truth, truth and the lies
Signs of love making can you see the signs
Boss lady, you the boss lady
To give you that O I’ll do overtime lady
So which one is it today do you love or you hate me
Lately I been seeing through your bull HD
No lie I been lost in ya crazy
You was Beyoncé I became Jay Z
Hottest chick in the game wearing my chain
Without you I think I’ve been going insane
Blu-ray I pop it in on a blue day
You so sweet I could lick the frosting blue cake
Snap a flick turn you to a movie
You the one who told me I had to drop the groupies
I just didn’t think you would disappear
And now them hating chickens is all start to cheer (Cheer,Cheer)
You said 2020 was gone be are year
And now look 2020 its already here
I’m just trying to make it clear shawty you is Rare
Is we twins or not cause you looking type square
Cause you not around what’s a king without a Queen
That’s like Isaiah Thomas not on the dream team
For real
What’s a king without a queen
Thought it was in love but maybe it’s just a Dream