Lyrics : Rated Hard PG, for Spookiness

Now, as night falls, we move on to the most exciting part of the tour
The deleted night scenes
Come, let's amble into the ramble

You may be wondering why they deleted these night scenes
Was it because they were too scary
You be the judge

Wait, what's happening?

Sure, Home Alone 2 was rated PG
But the unreleased director's cut was a hard PG
For spookiness
Remember when bigons attacked the bad guys
Bet you never saw the deleted night scene
When they were attacked again by bats

Okay, this is getting a little freaky

Listen, do you hear that?
Those aren't normal bats
Some say the production company snuck them in from Woodland, New Jersey
And when filming was over, they released them into the park to breed

This isn't fun anymore
Don't be scared. I'm sure there is no -