Lyrics : Big Deal

What's soft and white
And has a family crest?
Sitting on his fortune
Like a viper on his?nest

And you, little?missy
With your money grab
Playing with your?ponies
While your daddy pays the tab
Big deal

Damn the patriarch
Bitsy's got?some?news?to share
I'll take?Central Park
Make it?like a real Times Square
Those fools and frauds and failures
Ought to kneel
Before a real big deal

And you, dearest cousin
With your blockhead face
Burning through your money
Like a human fireplace
Big deal
Ahoy, Captain Crunch
If I could have a word
Why you gotta dress up
Like you're Thurston Howell the Third?
Big Deal

I just wanna scream
Desecrate their hallowed halls
Take one for the team
And kick them in their bocce balls
I'll sign, initial, notarize and seal
What is a real big deal