Lyrics : Drugs

What he say?
Yung Germ

b*t*h, don't blow my high, I'm meditatin' off these drugs
Drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, ain't not limit, ain't no love
It ain't no love, ain't no love
You throw rocks and hide your head, this sh*t gon' backfire
You crossed me, do that sh*t again, you gon' get X'd out
Play your role, baby girl, my life a movie
All these hoes on my top, they just be choosin'
I did my time so don't you play with me, you're wasted
My life a movie, sh*t remind me of The Matrix
God, I'm seein' double (Double), I'm movin' slow, is it a movie?
I don't do friends, I just "What up?" and keep it movin'
I got trust issues so either way, you cannot fool me
This ain't that, gotta shoot sh*t from my angle with this Uzi

I keep this sh*t way too real, that be my downfall
Glizzy throw them b*t*hes out the barrier like a baseball
Coolin' in another world, don't think I'm from this planet (Planet)
Told that b*t*h, "Give me some head," she say I'm too demandin' (Demandin')
Get 'em ghost, don't know who f**ked him over, he just vanished (Vanished)
Watch 'em close, he play you, pick him off like you was Randy (Randy)
Most, I got n***as in the can that I want out
It's a drought, you ain't real, just stop the cappin' at the mall
He probably fool ya how he talk, that n***a pu**y and he soft
I ain't rookie, b*t*h, you pushed me, we gon' bring them choppas out