Lyrics : Devil Trigger (Metal Cover)

The darkness of night falls around my soul
And the hunter within loses control
Gotta let it out, gotta let it out
Gotta let it out, gotta let it out
This demon inside has ahold of me
Clenching its power, trying to break free
Gotta let it out, gotta let it out
Gotta let it out, gotta let it out

Move fast baby, don't be slow
Step aside, reload, time to go
I can't seem to control
All this rage that's inside me
Pullin' shots, aimin' dots, yeah, I don't miss
Branded by fire, born in the abyss
Red hot temper, I just can't resist
All this vengeance inside me

All of these thoughts runnin' through my head
Arms on fire, veins burnin' red
Frustration is gettin' bigger
Bang, bang, bang, pull my Devil Trigger