Lyrics : Live

(Bridge [Casanoca])
I'ont wanna die broke
I'ont wanna die rich
Shit I'ont want no side bitch
I want no fly shit
I want drive shit
I want no bankcred

I'm just tryna live
Yeah, I'm just tryna live
I'm just tryna live
Yeah, I'm just tryna live

Part 1 [Casanova]
Whole lot other shit, You could have that
Man I'm passed that
Had an Audi R8, but a ni**a crashed that
I ain't wanna be the kid, that the kids laughed at
So i started runnin the streets, but this my last lap
Cops won't frisk me, (?) won't diss me
You sendin shots, hope they miss me, R.I.P. Nipsey
Think my babymom tryna turn my child against me
So I (??) ,till it's empty
Sittin in the king, gettin richer with the plan
Life's difficult, the fam' thinking I'm richer than I am
It was God's plan that I stand out
Even Suge hat it all...


Part 2 [Casanova]

I guess i didn't show my child support
That's why his momma put me on child support
I was 'bout to wild in court
Man this pain startin' to pound my thoughts
We got a child, so why we the ones actin' childish for
I keep a .38, cause my enemies hate
I'm gettin' plenty cheese cake and the industry is fake
I usrd to dream i would live this life
'Mo' Money, Mo' Problems' BIG said it right
I need to seek the light
I'm stressed, same time fully blessed
I guess this shit come with success
Yes I'm still ridin' with the vest
But this is one thing I said about my death


Part 3 [Giggs]

You don't say
They to ask you 'what's good' (what's good)
Ask if you OK (nah)
I been havin' arguements the whole day (all day)
So I'm up in the appartement with the Rosé (ouh)
Or in the hotel, somebody I won't name
Let's just say a old flame (mhm)
Laughin' 'bout the days when I had no game (game)
Just couple crazy kamikaze guys with no brains (ouh)
I'ont wanna die (die)
Do it myself because I don't wanna bly (bly)
Happy at home so i don't wanna fly
They ain't sellin' me in, they think that I wanna buy (yah)
Showin' out
(?) blowing out (yeah)
Big get your coat we're going out (chea)
She never wanted, Donny had to kick him out (out)
Think they so in tune, but they showin' doubt (doubt)
When I say my 'All Father' and the mass is over
I'ma trampo' that lion and that fussy cobra
Yeah, that Mafioso with a splash of Yoda
Is that big hollow man and a casanova

I'ont wanna die broke
I'ont wanna die rich
Shit I'ont want no soundbit
I want no fly shit
I want no drive shit
I want no bankcred
I’m just tryna live
Yeah, I’m just tryna live
I’m just tryna live
Yeah, I’m just tryna live