Lyrics : New Normal

Now, what is this?
Feeling I know you from long ago
From deep in my past
I don't know why
Why I trust you completely
Don't question it
The bottle is empty

Now, what is this?
Club closing early
The fog machines
And lasers swirling
It's Halloween
I'm sorry for screaming
But I'm afraid
I scare you completely

Now, what is this?
Blizzard in April
I'm underdressed as usual
And you're cheating death
Buying time through the winter
It's house arrest
No stopping for dinner

Now, what is this?
Microphone working
Can't hear myself
The cameras are rolling
And there's the cue
My heart, it beats so hard
I look for you, and suddenly fall

Now, what is this?
Robin you rescued
Has broken wing
Not broken long
You search the room
Someone yells from the garden
The orange cat
Finish what you started

Now, what is this?
Skidding of tires
I hold my breath
And you're running fast
As the SUV
Smashes into the sidewalk
And 911
Won't answer the call

Now, what is this?
Hollywood ghost town
A shootout scene
No actors at all
Last night I dreamed
You and I were immortal
It's no big deal
This new kind of normal