Lyrics : EDGE

Call the xan, pay my dues
Mr. Rogers way I play the fool
Roll the pill, I'ma shake it too
sh*t get tricky when n***as make the news

Yeah, yeah, flatline
f**k around and wait until you flatline
And you tried to cross me, that's the last time
f**k around and leave a n***a flatline

You don't wanna go outside, n***a
See you stacking, just watch your back, n***a
Stop comparing me to the last n***a
I just touched down in LAX, n***a

.38 hot
It's a take off
With the chains off
It's a race y'all

Know she want it, she f**king with the lames
Kill that pu**y, I'm on a rampage

God wouldn't answer because the plugs callin'
Mama was trippin' 'cause the school callin'
b*t*h, I'm gon' get it no matter who's watching
I don't know physics, but I've been movin mountains