Lyrics : Trouble

Why's there so much trouble in the world?
Can I get some relief?
I got so much trouble on my mind with this pain
Finally fell to my knees
Finally melted my cheese
That mean I got my paper up like a paper weight
But I’m stuck inside my head so much I cannot reciprocate
All your love
I need attention, man, I need some devotion
I need some green in my joint but I already been smokin'
Man, I've been copin’ with issues, grabbin' a tissue
My fiscal, quarters lookin' fatter than big dues
A permanent issue, learn from the rich dudes
On how to stash my money in the trust I can't get to
I'm done with the chicks too
I love my girl and that's the only thing that I'm into
Yeah, these ain't no mumble raps
These are some humble raps
Come show me that my sh*t ain’t facts
Yeah, yo
Man, everybody keep on posturing and posing
I’m the only motherf**ker grinding hard for that devotion