Lyrics : Jack Bauer

Yeah, yeah

Light up the risk and fly
I got the mix on ice
They smoke like Elon Musk
She gon' pull up 'cause I'm that guy
Extrovert 'cause I'm not shy
Labeouf, we puff the stuff
Hold on, what?
On a Tuesday, we still get lit
Balencia' shoe don't fit
Mention me? I been with the sh*t
First class on my mushroom trip
Hold up
Lamp City gon' roll up
I been sippin' on Jack like a pull-up

I been sippin' on Jack like Bauer
Had to write a few raps in the shower
I ain't have 50 Cent like Power
Now I'm back in the lab like Dexter
Had a bad b*t*h and I'm makin' ya'll test it
Dropped through on an autopilot
Had to court a pilot
Got to book a little flight to the odd asylum
I'm a nineties baby like PalmPilot
Woah, it's like every city that I go
And every spliff that I roll
Somebody tryin' to get stoned
They hoggin' up on my cones
I guess that's how this sh*t goes
I'm stayin' up in my zone
Like a 2-3, I wan't more
So I roll back to the store