Lyrics : Gelato

Woo (Eah-ah-ah)
Ah (Heh-eh)
That's what I'm talking about
(Yeah-ah-ah, heh-eh, heh-eh, heh-eh)
Koo-koo, girl!

Hey, exotic my wood I'm rolling it up, I'm smoking Gelato (Smoking Gelato; yeah!)
Hey, got a bad b*t*h from uptown, I told the b*t*h bring a bottle (I told the b*t*h bring a bottle; wooh)
I think she speak spanish, I spend some bands to f**k on a model (f**k on a model)
I just be settin' the trends (hooh-hooh-hooh, oh!) and all these n***as gon' follow (All these n***as gon' follow)
Sipping Henny, sangria with this mamacita (Yeah!)
Bout to head to Dykeman had to pick a rena (Right!; ¿qué lo que?)
Flintstone diamonds hanging off the finga (Yeah!; ay)
Daddy pushed the nine eleven two-seater, woah (That's right!)

You got bands, I got bands (Wooh, girl)
They got plans, I got plans
Its a wrap like saran n***a (Yeah!, kah)
They got grants, we got land
And got lambs when we land (Koo-koo, girl!)
Ain't not bad it's a band n***a, woah
A$AP is the realest out (Yeah!)
Always strive and prosper when your feeling doubt (Right!)
Einstien mind sitting in my scalp (Thats right!)
I'm a genius 'cause I could've gone a different route (Damn!)