Lyrics : Big Drip (Rounds)

Lyrics from Snippet(s)

And we huntin' them down, we send some rounds, rounds, we making it hot
I got some [?] draco, I blow it loud, loud, he dead when he drop
Big drip, Fivey, I'm tryna catch me a body
I know some n*ggas do killings and robberies
My shorty a bug, he geeking off Molly
Telling up [?]
From the beach hop in [?] like I'm roddy
I've been a goat lil b*tch, ain't no probably
Heard he want smoke, lil n*gga no Prada
My n*ggas ready for war
I make some millions but I need some more
Remember we slept on the floor

Geeking and tweaking, we kicking the door
Brand new mop, I'm a make a new chore
Stop all that talking, you making me bored
I keep a hammer on me like I'm Thor
Catch him outside he get [?]
I used to trap in the spot, we [?] the eighties, I put my whole wrist in the pot
Yeah, damn, I took a risk with the pot
I told that lady, she having my baby, I spent a whole brick on a watch
.430 on me, I might [?] me some roses, she pull up, she loving me not
I told that n*gga I roll with some killers, don't push it, jus know when to stop