Lyrics : Shoulda Had It

Wass gang, Free the guys n***a
You know how we rocking man
Free The bros, SOS
They b*t*h man, Shoutout my Lil bro
Free my team, Wass gang n***a
Northside Jane (Shoutout Burna Shoutout FM)
XD 40 n***a

Lights camera action
Couple shots when this Nina get him vanished
Doing tricks with this b*t*h ain't no magic
He lackin on his block, Shoulda had it
Lights camera action
Couple shots when this Nina get him vanished
Doing tricks with this b*t*h ain’t no magic
He lackin on his block, Shoulda had it

I got the drip I got the sauce Too much Wass
Body shots you know we got too much Glocks
Get shot. Headshot take off his top
Why he movin hot like he got a dawg
Ah, its little bro FM
I could f**k your b*t*h and her best friend
I ran him down the n***a tripped he at the dead-end
I got the four-door, Mercedes Benz (Skrtt)
They wanna get me, cuz these n***as envy
They said they gon' shoot me
When they see me, Well n***a you see me
f**k a [?] n***a, f**k a white heir
n***as still hop on the bus, takin bus fare
You know how we rocking n***a, Freestyle
Going hard man