Lyrics : The MAGA Cypher

MAGA Cypher, MAGA Cypher folks, it's gonna be a beautiful song
Believe me, I've heard it, it's the best folks

DC Capital Lemme spit it slow, the Libs are slow so
Just listen every line by line lemme finish, yo

Pizzagate politicians man who we kiddin'
They want us wearing dresses if we rapping for a living
I can’t forget they hit up Ronald Reagan with the sickness
The great reset they shutin' down every smallеr business
At 3 am they stop the count thеn they purged the critics
Red hat rapper counter culture I’m a urban menace
Wear your mask when your waiter comes to serve your dishes
Joe Biden touches kids but we won’t let the pervert finish
Hands off, Mask off, Hats off
A round of applause cuz they really got some nerve to hit us
With that you should eat some bugs cicadas they're delicious
Comes around my set with nonsense and you’re hearing crickets ay
And they want you out the bedroom
No more babies 'cuz they want you all dead soon
Red dot *beem* Antifa seeing red soon
Commies trippin if they coming for my head *phewm*, Ay
Ay Griff, you need some young blood in here man
We already did it to 'em once, let's give 'em two terms

Okay, the future's in the building
Listen to the kids bro
I be spittin' bars that all your children gonna live for
Was fighting for four more, payin' for Kamala Hoe
We missin' out on money coulda went and got a solo
Then fill it up with Diet Coke
Like I got that red button
Mans is so dumb they tryna change who gets ahold of it
Give it to Pelosi
Grades were a low C
Girl so dumb that she couldn't count to 17th
Letter in the alphabet but we all on the same team
1-20-17, MAGA went mainstream
Wakin' up into the dream
Doubled up on DJT
You think Joe won?
Huh, must be on that DMT
Our boy went past the DMZ
But he wasn't a deity
They got sleepy Joe for free
So now we gotta foot the fee
It's time to fight with unity
Government hatin' mine
Tell me I should pay a fine
Run up on you with a nine
Ain't done my taxes waiting in the gas line
Gettin' kinda low on time
Save the future on a dime
*Breath* *Perfect*
Want the Vaccine keep in mind
Facts are showing it ain't fine
Have you dyin' out like Vine
Replacin' you with TikTok (TikTok)
Now your life is on the clock (On The Clock)
Wear your mask, do your part
Save grandma, where do I start
They teach it to our children, young and impressionable it's smart (It's smart!)
Have you praisin' Fauci now they pushin us towards a restart
Ay, it's Griff the new guy, tell me if I do this right

Y'all see the hundred day challenge, I think that Biden just failed
They repeatedly cheated, I think we need 'em in jail
Antifa burnin' down buildings but never servin' in cells
They turna gospel to Gotham, they want these Christians to bail
But, y'all want beef we can chop it up
Got Facts like Covid, I cough it up
Y'all threaten my life, but it's not enough
True Marine Corp vet, y'all not that tough
I listen to God when he told me don't waste that gift
To inspire with the fire I spit
I'm tellin' you now go save them kids
And be a role model in life you live
Just soak up my words, don't bathe in sin
don't be like him
God and MAGA's my heart and soul
When I lift 'em up like we in the Gym
Y'all should be embarrassed
You voted for Joe and Harris
The duo that has no merits
Created these single parents
Apparently they're not carin'
Our values are runnin' barren
Complainin' I call 'em Karen
These [?] know I scare 'em
Need to do CPR on the USA
They killin' us so don't fade away
Need Patriot J to come save the day
I grab my cape, gang
Ahem, Ahem, Patriot J
I came, uh

Came to save the day
It's Patriot with a J (Patriot J)
I'm speakin' up unafraid, them commies get out my face (get out my face)
You better stay in your place, right now I'm doin the race (doin the race)
Mark Hames, and I'm hiding like frame (hiding like frame)
They want me gone cause I'm black
And I'm not Democrat
And I'm fye when I rap
You know to be hatin' that
Call me an insurrectionist
Claim that they got some references
Really it was some haters, now FBI hearin' [?]
I'm with Bryson and Shekinah and the [?] and Shusana[?]
When you see them stars and stripes we exactly what you thought of
And you talkin' to a scholar
Matter fact a Juris Doctor
When you speakin' on my name, please address me as your honor
The honorable and intolerable
Came a long way from Domino's
Now I get paid to rap
No more kneadin' and knotting dough
Jesus bring the impossible
Bobbin', weavin' through obstacles
Supposed to spit in 16, and I don't really wanna go
Wonder if Griff get mad
If I just keep spittin' raps
He send me the beat I spazz
The hook is not peter pan
Now lookin' at what we have
With Bryson Gray on the track, Chandler, DC, and Griff
We not doin' it for the cash
We doin' it for the love
The one that's up and above
He brought the night and the Son
To make sure that we the one
God give me the strength
To change the culture and reign
I got my [?] out the way
And now I'm restin' my case

They only hate cause they ignorant
Can't deny Bryson's penmanship
*But Bryson I'm not feelin' it, you just call out degenerates*
It's uncomfortable, isn't it?
Y'all just boycottin' businesses
'Cause they disagree with you, well this is proof y'all are hypocrites
I know I call out gays, plus the Lazy and wicked
*Okay we get it*
But do you? Or should I make it specific
They rap about selling drugs every song and y'all seem to dig it
Oh but when I say the truth
Now y'all think we should end it
They gon' have to assassinate me if they think that I'm finished
Like Odell I'm just a menace
Against you bein' against it
They say they gettin' offended
Well then I say my opinion
'Cause in my opinion bein' offended is quite offensive
Would it be better if I rapped about me whippin' these businesses
Influencin' people that's makin' minimum wage and spend it
Or how about telling kids to take [?]
And telling them to rob and kill so they all end up in prison
Or how 'bout tellin' kids to start sleeping with random women
*Or how about I keep it real and [?] this is the ending*

Uh, and Joe, you know I won, I won Joe
It's true