Lyrics : f*ck the World (Summer in London) Remix

Wanna f**k the world, I'm a walkin’ erection
Spend without a thought, we do it reckless
Your n***a caught us texting
You said, "Baby, don't be mad, you know how Brent is"

Don't open your mouth if you ain’t speaking good to me
I ain't built like him, you're f**kin' with a G
Just 'cause I f**k you, that don't mean I trust you, I don't
You got some high hopes, high hopes, baby
f**k me crazy and I'll tell you ’bout me
I was nothin’ at all
Took a trip to London just to hear how they talk
Back to 410, you should hear how they talk
He might be Mr. Track and Field, but I done ran through 'em all
Yeah, that n***a play D1, but you still watch how we ball
I ain’t never home for long, but you pull up when I call
All the hood n***as respect me, strippers wanna sex me
You bluffed on him, now he mad because you let me

If it ain't f**ked up, don't change it
I'd probably be dead if I was basic
Would you still give me head if I had day shifts?
I work when I want, I do what I want
She get what she want, I call her my wishy one
Wash it off, when you top me off, you know I be slumped