Lyrics : Always Make It Work

I just lie for common good
While tellin' myself that it's okay when I
Happen to say something I shouldn't
You look up, you're telling me what you would do
I got one eye on the clock and the other on the reasons to tell him something that's interesting
How open should I be when I open both
I see a whole new realm of being and you're on my forefront
And I wanna run straight for the whole thing only once

But I don't know us well enough

They won't tell me what I'm working with
I just end up doing the same thing
Who am I and who are they to tell
I'ma tell 'em talk amongst themselves
The only way they might just take it well, yeah
She's got all the reasons that I got my desperation
What chances am I taking for my feeling
Anything I see is real and I gotta take care of my ceiling
I don't care about your f**king distraction
My future's more important than a reaction
Then things that are probably not that important, I'm on it
I have to be on it
Got one eye on the clock
Don't have much time to tell you that I need one love
And I'm aware of who I have to be
I know I'm not
I give away my thoughts
To be confident enough
Confident enough
I tell myself the only way I lose my state is when I let it
I can't make it happen
I have only so much time 'til
Then I let go and I'm shaking
The sky, it moves
I'll always make it work
You always make it work
(Always make it work)
(Always make it work)
(Always make it work)
(Always make it work)
(Always make it work)
(Always make it work)
(Always make it work)