Lyrics : Run-Ins

Three people running… Officers on their tails—one, two, three, four—at least four officers there on the tails. Uh, you see officers there, in units still and on point…
Run, lil’ nigga, boy
Trying to catch whoever these men are. They get…
Keep running
This for my niggas on the run

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat
My young’un signing on the dot and killing for them contracts
A hundred rounds quick to run a nigga in the ground
Run off, we go on the manhunt to run that nigga down
Tryna run me up a hundred, had to dumb it down
Run into my ex and now, she giving me the runaround
Got your bitch running errands ‘cause we run the town
I don’t need a clearance—tell them niggas, “Move the fuck around”
Been tryna run this shit back up, this shit been up-and-down
Runners run in packs, off-white, Air Max, running
Nike Tech jogging fit, what I ran it up in
A bad, pretty, young bitch, what I’m standing up in
Since you niggas counting pockets and get barely-up ends [?]
A couple loose Iraqis told her bet it up then [?]
Running back and forth to Cali tryna catch up with Twin
My other plug from the Valley, run me seven for ten
I been running all my life
Having run-ins with the Lord, leave the engine running
Finna run up in this bank, I’m ‘bout to run a play
Growing up, as a young’un, I was a runaway
Outside in the cold with a runny nose
Roadrunning, running dope, I love to run the road
Had a run, ran it up, now, we off and running
Might’ve caught me down bad but never caught me running

Two suspects cut through several Detroit neighborhoods at a very high rate of speed, eventually ditching the car and running their separate ways. One man surrendered after running for several blocks. This is all unfolding about a mile from the city airport on Detroit’s east side. It’s unclear why they were chasing these men, in terms of police, but we are working to get more information for you as we speak

Grab his arms. I got his feet.
Close the trunk.
Count of three: 1, 2, 3!
*body splashes into water*