Lyrics : Made Your Mind Up

Tell me the way that you want this to go
I can be hard or I'll melt like the snow coming down
Everything changes each word that we say
One little step and you can't find your way back around

Maybe some picture appears in your head
Knocks you right off of your track
All the doubts and excuses, they flood in instead
One little step out that door, you'll never go back

Well, you're tryin' to get out
You can't find the words
Leaving the way that you'd always heard
And you made your mind up
Yes, you made your mind up

Night after night you're back here again
Tossing and turning like birds in the rain losing ground
Take away everything gained in a life
All you could borrow or steal
No rich man no poor man, no wrong or no right
Strips you right back down to nothing
But the way that you feel