Lyrics : Night Crossing

To the gods beneath me and the devil above
These figures of worship are straight for the furnace
The end of ignorance for some, now there’s a resurgence
In my footsteps they follow, but they don’t know ...

I’ve crossed the line from good to bad
So many times I can’t go back
Couldn’t reach the end because I failed to start
I came across this night in a distant future

Blinding spears of light emerge
From blackened skies that never seem to shift
An end to the age of the innocent
Reset, take note
Our suffering ends tonight

We’re trapped in a web of hatred
All hope is lost I see reflections of a fallen god
To find that faith was written in blood
Now hate is all I’ve got

I cross the night I’ve crossed the night
To find my way
The gods beneath me and the devil above