Lyrics : #FreestyleFridays (10-04-2020)

I could wing to the top, you still fail if you strategize
Sick flow going viral, yeah you suckers should’ve sanitized
Feminist tried to talk me up, I told her she should step aside
She wanted a better guy, I wanted a thick set of thighs
Not in the mood to fraternize with some of these rappers tellin lies
And the truth, I’m livin proof the revolution with will not be televised
Stick and move, Britney Spears/Kevin Ferdeline
If money’s rat trap, the cheddar guy o tlo swela kae
Hoe n***a asking me where the hoes at, n***a futsek
You’d hope that the sheep would never worry where the goats at
Oooh.. Stay on your toes ‘til you close to wearing a toe tag
Doe stack, whip got more horsepower than Bojack
Come on black, this doper than whatever’s on your note pad
Youngin’ to the old ass, dying if they oppose that
Break bread with the folks that broke me off when I was a broke-ass
You drown in the flow, no life jacket watch the boat pass
I spit this, gave an identity to the misfits
I could’ve slit wrists but I made Memories like slick rick
Is this the reason these rappers having they b*t*h fits
Real bars, smash 16s and now they sh*t bricks
Try to attack me, you get popped like you acne
Run with a bunch Leo’s and they great with the Gats B
Stamina top-notch, dominating the track meet
Natural energy ain’t no gassing this athlete
This ain’t no backpack rap I’m here to stay dawg
One of my close friends got the loyalty of a stray dog
Had to put him down, forogiveness is what I pray for
Walk It Like I Talk It, I dread that I had to take off