Lyrics : Plastic Boy (Alternative Version)

Argh, Yeah
Sad Boys

See me, flossin', flossin' lean, like a dental health care
Polo, polo everythin', make that denti-denti-dentist scared
Make ya b*t*hes stare, ride on spaceship
Jump on top of my crystal chair
I sip forties, North Face, black neon lightnin' gear
Walk in the back room when I finish shed a tear
Then I buy the sword and the spear, light-year
Kill the game then disappear
Get my d**k licked by Britney spear
G-shocks and the silver's clear
Rob the cashier, listen with one ear
Got the game in my hand, I'm the mad hatter, with a sad boys tat

Olders don't know how to rap, ya know I'm strapped up
Lean’s all around me, I been I been really sippin'
I see dead people, I'm really trippin'
Take 'em to the back and get the snappin'(woo)
Cause I'm rich man, cause I'm rich man(woo)
(Flex), (Stunt), (Woop)