Lyrics : Know You Better

Let's float on, out on this mothership, baby
Let's take control of it
Get it together
Flight of the bumblebee, for my honey baby
Make you wanna sing, get up
Lock hands and sway with me, fire
Filling around the blaze, get it together
I can't get comfortable
With me listening what the people say

I want to know you better
I gotta take this time
Stop and see the weather
I gotta love you right
I want to know you better
Oh, baby

Let us be unified, baby
Out of this galaxy, moving
Free in the way we move
And she'll catch the groove
Make me see it through
Get it together
Light up my fire bank
Hold hands
Everything's everything
Got to get it together
Cruise in my lover's lane
Now I realize
How to really fly

I want to know you better
If I take this time
I need to see the weather
I want to make you shine
I want to know you better
I love you
Better, baby