Lyrics : By My Side

By my si-i-i-ide

I wasn't lookin' for forever
But I think I found my future in your eyes
Never had it any better
Than the feeling that you gave to me last night

Baby I can't lie
You were in the right place, at the right time
Tryin' not to think about you
But you've got me seein' all the signs

Heaven can wait
'Til we get it all out the way
Make no mistake
Never switchin' lanes
'Cause I don't see myself without you by my side (Ooh yeah)
So I'm not wastin' any time (Ooh yeah)
And you know that I'll always need you in my life (Ooh yeah)
'Til we see the other side (The other side)

By my si-i-i-ide (By my side)
By my side
Oh-oh, oh