Lyrics : Structure Gang Freestyle

Look, True sh*t, Me and JJ outside we was ready to do it (fax)
New whip, let's go spin on the opps cuz them n***a's dying to meet me
Twisting my finger's let her know im sleezy
Aim and Im Beasley (what)
We shot him on Tuesday, he died on the weekend
Like, oh let's do it like waka
.40 go blaka bullet's gon fly through his mata
And we still do the cha cha, you is not outside
Spin on em n***as, Who shot ya?
And yall n***a's is real weird
My crip he gon spin through ya block in a wheelchair
And yall n***as can't chill here
I was posted outside in the field like i live there (fax)
And that ain't no diss line (at all)
So don't try to come in my comments on nut sh*t
Love the G's that i f**k wit (what)
But if you Structure k, then yall n***a's can suck d**k (suck my d**k)
And it's R.I.P Pop like
This smoke never clearing (woo)
But my shooter Hernandez the way that he airin
Bullet's gon fly through McLaren, Ima clear em
Now why they talkin' crazy
Rock him to sleep since he jack he a baby (shhh)
And we do it big, grande
We don't f**k with no snitches so free the whole Nine Trey
Please do not put em in harm's way
Red dot on his head lookin like he from Bombay
We moving cheap, Conway
And my nina a baddie treat her like Beyoncé
No i don't care for Rihanna (at all)
I need a bad lil freak like Ciana
Pop out all black like Wakanda (Forever)
He said we ain't spinning , te veo mañana
Choppa get loud like Desiigner he want the smoke turn em Marijuana (2x)
Like, I tell Bando to toss it
f**k all the leg shots, we tryna off him (fax)
Im disrespectful i spit on his coffin
Im hella humble but i can be saucin
And i don't do diss tracks (at all)
I do a hit then i tell em to spin back
And i really get racks (like)
If she jack what you jack then she can get b*t*h smacked
LIke, Look
Flexin, We got some shooter's that shaking the block up like Tetris
Netflix, we making movie's the sh*t look like Netflix
Tekken, F&N have em dancing like Eddy from Tekken
Desperate, my nina feening to hit him like desperate
Please do not diss me
Shawty to treeshy she cannot kiss me (at all)
Did a hit in all whites, crispy (fax)
Had to toss a new fit cause im mixy
These n***as corny im calling em Dixie
Movin like b*t*hes so i call em Trixie
You want me dead pu**y boy come and get me
Shots in ya music but it ain't gon hit me, Like