Lyrics : Pop Shyt

I'll be on my pop shyt
Opps loosin' concious
Brought'em helicopters
Bebek wants the hardest
Party jus started
Bad b*t*h walkin' target
Movin' like she scarlett
Hit it in the c*ckpit
f**ked her like she heartless

While i send'em all to hell, suck my 50 cal
Issa war baby better be prepared
Got shooters up in Brooklyn n*cca
Tha's a hobby, they don ever
Hesitate to pull a trigger

Wait Wait
Yeah I’m new to the city (i am)
But everybody f**kin wit me (yuh)
Riding round wit Bixi (skrttt)
Wait wait
Got ya shawty movin dizzy
Cuz Rilla Bangz he driftin
It’s bout to get litty (yuh)
Moving side to side
Feeling traumatized
Thoughts of suicide
Asking who am I
Yeah I might be lost
But Shawty down to ride (yuh)
Cuz I move like a boss
Til the day I die
Got no love for these b*t*hes
I been running up digits
Burda patron biziz
Lord knows it’s a cold business
Been making making moves (I been)
Shawty shakin, shakin ooh (yea)
Don't eat no bacon fool (nah)
Got no pigs in my crew (never)
Tell me who the f**k is you? (who)
Better watch ya attitude (huh)
Cuz I'm finna get loose (loose)
And I'm not in the mood