Lyrics : Slide Sum II


Ain’t no time reload throw the clip out
Off a perc anything can just slip out
Picture perfect his face on a fit now
And in person he not what he spit bout
He ain’t lurking he not putting hits out
Not detergent I’m cleaner then a b*t*h now
I was hurting they see I’m the sh*t now
Use to flirt shawty all on my d**k now


KNow he’ll hoop out wit forties wit d**ks out
n***a run when they see that a clip out
Ain’t a pun every drum make em flip out
Hit n run if he run it’s gone drip out

n***as want smoke til I black out
My n***as got sticks in a brick house
Lil bitty pig blow his house down

N This ain’t a wrap this a rap up
So if it’s on wax he get wrapped up
And no it ain’t smoke if we pass it
He still disappear like its magic
I’m in the jungle Jurassic
n***a This is my blunt I ain’t passing it
I Ain't hungry my n***a Im fasting

She hittting a split like gymnastics
I was higher then a b*t*h I was snapping

Bro told me to chill put that ratchet away
Hide my Glock in ya purse I ain’t flashing today
n***a run in my pockets get shot in yo face