Lyrics : Body to Body

Yeah, yeah
And I don't need to talk that much
I let all that other sh*t do the talking

Say you want body to body
This b*t*h be licking my sweat
Girl I'm in love with your body
I'm just waiting on what's next
I left your key in the lobby
Know you waiting on a check
Know you waiting on the best
I'm just waiting to collect

Girl don't act confused
Know just what you did
b*t*h I ain't no fool
He ain't even famous, how the f**k he make the news? (Ayy)
All my n***as steppin', spent one thousand on the shoes
b*t*h I'm drugged up feeling toxic
Heard they like to talk, and I am the topic
Nina lock ya' jaw, b*t*h I am the locksmith
She want Audemar, but she is a thot b*t*h
Try your luck, casino
Got a plug in Reno
Feds hit us with RICO
'Cause we spending C notes
Land in Calabasas
b*t*h thick as molasses
I just sent the package
Celine on my glasses