Lyrics : Hardest Out Freestyle

Yo, it's Berna
GRM Daily Hardest Out freestyle
You already know what it is innit'
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(Zeph Ellis)

I take a look at the game and its looking like Parliament because it's a house full of commons
Bunch of backbench MCs, man I'm so deadly, so I'm coming straight where the top is
I've got a bag full of flows but it don't come free, somebody show me where the gwop is
These man are washed out like jeans, I bring heat to the scene then I burn like a thousand degrees
Cause I'm so fire alight, get your name burned like third degree
Get a man down, get me a the Fire in The Booth cause I don' put fire in the streets
Wet a man how? Only time you get tings wet is, when you get a girl in your sheets
Touch my bro, touch my bro, what where, man'll get your info like deets
Better worship me like your majesty, got a 16 bar full of mad if a pu**y wan' challenge me
And they claim that they hard, but they not, they man come a soft fabric like tapestry
Like magic, I'll vanish him, If he touch my greenlight I'll lit and sell cabbage him
Round here we don't play around, yeah all my hill boys on a savage ting
I got white boys that will stick you up for the brown, bill rob man for a bill
Sash really out for the cash, RJ out for the skrills, I'm already out for a mil
This ain't no TV show, I can make it to the top with a Deal or No Deal
My lyrics are so real, my gang is so trill, ice around my neck I'm so chill
But they wanna f**k with a G, when they don't know what I've got under my sleeve
If you saw what the hook done to the face, then you definitely wouldn't be f**king with me
I'm a bad rude boy, bad boy MC, call fed when I body bag MCs
Soak man, Ima baptize MCs, now it's all eyes on me, its peak
But I can see you, you can see me, I can see your not a [?] true G
You can see I am the best MC, say my name, B1 made me
I can see you, you can see me, me and my crew that's MMLC
Boot down the door when we buss through the scene, like big man, show me the cream
No real trap stars, that whip whip, and a tee house, cause they ain't really out for the skrilla
Only went you and you when you whip up the mashed potatoes, serve that dinner
You can't talk about trap, you can't talk about beef, you can't talk about straps
But I can talk about leg work, because it's leg work til' the fat boy slimmer
Out for the top spot, pu**y I'm top notch, smoke out the booth get hotboxed
Beg someone, tell {?] I'll fix damage later, man I need insurance, I'm a black box
You don't wanna be a part of this crash, steer in your lane, make man do the digital dash
Had man see me like Drake when I cross futures in the palm of my hand, It's mad
Cause I grind hard, and I won't stop til' I'm famous
Stack notes, all for the love and the papers
n***as dislike cause they hate us, they got no dough but I'm trying to bring bread like bakers
MMLC won't stop til what I see, try me that's unlikely
Touch one of my G's, one of my peeps you can make new friends, we can introduce you to the nine piece
Hit 'em in his face, in his chest for survival even if he's wearing a vest
Coming from the spot like you'd think it was marked with the X, exodus for the war, you are asking for death
n***as better show me respect, go against me, and you're gonna lose limbs
Man I'm taking off an arm and a leg, I'll give away an arm and a leg for my bros on the get go
All these n***as gassed like petrol, trigger the alarms, smoke MCs like menthol
I get these n***as a game, they think it is a game, I'm ending your contract, get that sh*t back like a rental
Thought you were the best in the scene, but you're not, that's stressful
Put it in a mouth, good head, that's mental
Raise teeth for your mouth, that's dental, talk about dough but you're dead bro
Rah, hit 'em with a 16-bar, man are just talk
pu**y boy wan' talk sh*t, he can hold the clip keep it back like a bra
I remember they were like 'Berna's so broke' - now I skrrr in the whip with a chick in the car
I remember she didn't wanna speak to the dawg, now she sucking d**k in the car like rah

Yo you already know what it is innit, Berna, dun know