Lyrics : No Hook

So much ice you can skate on a n***a
they wanna be on, n***a
Damn, I'm fly, I get flee on a n***a
Your man a shrimp box, he a peon, n***a
Take off on 'em like pew, n***a
Neck lookin' like I got a chain full of Skittles
Rider b*t*h, shorty f**k me to the rhythm
On TMZ I'm last seen with your sister
get that cap off your system
Had to stack my money, mind my own business
blue and it came with three wishes
Get on that f**k sh*t, got young n***a issues
Front page magazine, we press all our issues
They ain't seen what I seen and know what I done been through
Stretching my b*t*h [?] he gon' get bent too
Partner can get pop a bean, senzu
Flexin' so much my first scooter got rims too
My cup runneth over, I'm feeling so plentiful
Lil' Skate up, I'm throwed, ooh (Ah)
n***a pop a shroom, toad
Y'all lowercase, I'm bold (Yeah)
Damn man, I'm in it like go (Yeah, yeah)