Lyrics : My Life So Happy

Man travel through hills and vally
Nough gunshot man skip and dally
Being through travel fox, clarks and bally
Push through many hard times like chally
Man a smoke weed from bread bag a wrapped tali
Now a straight sour beazle mi smoke from cally
Years of hard work now man have money
So days like days just a bright and sunny weh

Me and mi friends dem a link up
And a drink up, my life so happy
S a spade in a mi pimp cup
Grape tink up, mi life so happy
BMW weh tint up, Benz big truck
My life so happy
Clean skin gyal weh slim cut
Seh mi ink up, my life so happy

Cloth dem expensive mi no go cheap
Benz and Audi mi drive mi no go Jeep
Have plenty asset and got money whole heap
But fi show off pon people mi no dweet
And mi just shoot set goal and go fi it
No more sleeping pon ground wid no sheet
Dem pocket yah not even blue lagoon so deep
And mi have a tank full a gas mi a go do street

(Repeat 2X)

(Repeat 1)

(Repeat )