Lyrics : Jollof Rice (SAY3 Remix)

I want a timepiece
They be throwing it
I want like nine beats (No More)
'Cause I could keep going Doc
I want a foreign and I want a dime piece
And I want a dime peace (Black pu**y only)
I roll that pine cheef
I blow a zone in the moment
Just tryna stay in the moment

My loyalty to my options
I'ma stay free, granddaddy used to pick cotton
I don't pull up, I crash land, I'm a Martian
b*t*hes send nudes, while they man watchin' Martin
Had to get my glow up from the darkness
I can spot a novice, you look harmless
Twist the pressure like a pinky promise
Had a lotta haters when they started
Funny how they come around regardless (Ooh, ooh)

I roll like tires up under me (Ooh)
I got a fire up under me (Ooh)
It burn for money not b*t*hes (No)
Don't get too big for your britches (Don't)
I hit the licks and I pivot, I got a b*t*h independent (Yeah, ooh)
That I have not seen in a minute, she need a visa to visit (Yeah, yeah)