Lyrics : 4Nem

(Ayy, Young Malcolm)
Ooh, bang, gang
Ooh, bang, gang
Ooh, dududuh, skuduskuh, bang

2022 charger got me feelin' like Van Diesel
Amiri jeans so tight, I can't fit the D-Eagle
Take the sh*t back, I need a '96 Regal
I'm the biggest bird in the sky, b*t*h I'm a seagle
Just met that hoe, on the first day, f**k her then I leave her
Belanos, forgiatos my rims sneakers
Steady pourin' a two litters, I don't need a feature
I don't love a b*t*h, you know all my brothers keeper

Gang hit the cut in a tanka
Don't sneak diss, we'll break your baby momma
Gang just bought some new cars for the summer
In a Lambo bump the b*t*h up in a Honda
Ride 4's b*t*h, free ManeMane
Bought bro out, Fat Joe made it rain
Blood suckin' b*t*h, think she got fame
My shorty hit a whiip at the beam, he got aim
Leave yo' rollie plain
Flatter than a plane
Why you lookin' strange?
b*t*h, you got the thang?
Who is the gang?
Who is the gang?
Who is the gang?
Who? (Gang Gang)
Ayy, that's a lifeguard my sh*t dark look like a Trish
Swimmin' in the water, I'm a shark, n***as fish
That's a nice watch, man I love takin' risk
That's a nice Glock, what it look like swinger fish
Send so many shots, my sh*t sound like a switch
n***as actin' real but n***as know they b*t*h
I be in the field, steady runnin' out the chips
Hit you with the blick, ocean on the deep

We got ten 50's in this b*t*h
n***as slide, it's a drill
n***as know how we rockin', let's go

Spent a old 100 dollar bill from '96
Ain't got no bank account but all my pockets thick
Hypin' on a nap, ain't get in person, ain't got no blick
Caught him at the red light and turned him into a lick
In a wide body but this b*t*h ain't got no tints
Hit the Gucci store, spend 6k on a fit
n***as actin' hard body but they really b*t*h
Finna pour this drink up, forgot to get the cake
We ain't ridin' hot cars, b*t*h these real whips
If you want the gold, b*t*h it's 600 the zip
If you ain't got the broom then we ain't talkin' yo' lips
I just f**ked this b*t*h, made her hop up in the lips
This time a f**kin' deep, I got a 4-5 pn my hip
n***as talkin' crazy, I let this b*t*h rip
Finna go back to the 'raq and go crazy with my peeps
We be on the block, O61 be the dip