Lyrics : Family Lives

The lazy guy is sleepin' on your couch again
Responsibility it would seem is now drownin' him
"You get another suicidal thought," I told him, "Count to ten
Or go up to the roof and look down at all the happy people"
My sh*t is mad cerebral, paintings on a magic easel
Bunch of saints acquainted with Satan, now they actin' evil
A walkin' magnet, absorbin' your core's energy
Squeezin' beetle juices from Lennon to form remedies
A bit menacing, sadistic feelings festerin'
Beat you while you sleepin', let you dream with all that hemorrhagin'
A world of lemmings, zombies and happy endings
People that keep pretendin' they entertainin' a fantasy
In the shallow water you treadin'
Put your feet down, you might just meet ground (Meet ground)
It all started with a freestyle (That's where it started)
It's gon' end with a beatdown (Yeah)

You wish to enter into the forbidden cave where the monsters and goblins and fungus lives amongst the roses? There is no light here. There is nothing here for you. You would be better off if you just turned around and went back to your happy little life
(No, no!)

Okay, live from a house that's made of porcelain
I ain't poppin' Mollys no more, I'm snortin' 'em
A bunch of powder I bought from Dr. Kevorkian
Do a line, stand up, start to play the accordion (Magic show)
I'm bored again, my mind is runnin' suicides and hamster wheels
Lose your mind when you decide to swallow all Amanda's pills (Current events)
I pour liquor inside my chamomile
Eat banana peels and post up in the south of France
f**k, I think I conjured up the wrong sh*t (The wrong sh*t)
And now I'm being haunted (f**k!)
Must be hallucinatin' all of this booty shakin'
(What an ass, what an ass, what an ass)
Ah! Haha, yeah
Defeatin' Dracula to go and post in Africa
Open up Pandora's box and f**k it (f**k it)
We live amongst the rubbish, but all my b*t*hes busted when compared to me
Apparently the fairest in the land, b*t*h, I'm ghost (Gorgeous)