Lyrics : P FKN R

Yeh-eh, ey
If you don't know where I'm from, don't come at me, no
If you don't know where I'm from (If you don't know, if you don't know)
Don't come at me (No, no)
If you don't know where I'm from, don't come at me, no
If you don't know where I'm from (Eh-eh; hey, hey; eh-eh; hey, hey)

I'm from P fuckin' R (Hoo)
Thugs with the R
Better shut your mouth (Shh)
Before my guys bury you (Hey)
Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh (Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey)
I'm from P fuckin' R (P fuckin' R; wuh)
Some crazy ones with the R (Some crazy ones with the R)
Better shut your mouth, ey (Shh)
Before my guys bury you (Eh)

Hey, hey
Bastard, don't believe it, hey (No)
That even in PR even the babies go thug, ey (Prr, prr, prr)
Every day we hustle (Everyday)
Blondie, drunk flow, we're going to fuck you (Huh)
I don't need garments to shine (Ha)
A lot of bullies don't have the guts to shoot
But PR is small and they will always catch you
Asshole, I'm buffed (Hey, hey), eh-eh
I became millionaire, I got my own (I became a millionaire), eh-eh
Respected in every hood and hamlet, eh-eh (Like one most wants), eh-eh
Your jealousy doesn't affect me, I'm blessed (Yo)
But if we catch you asleep, prra (Let's go, Austin)

I'm from P fuckin' R, R (Yah)
Where I grew up, life isn't worth anything
It would be best not to grasp, -rasp
I also have a friend who will come at you and isn't afraid of the police locking him up, -cking (Woh)
This is Puerto Rico, a place of respect, and it's written with R, R (PR)
It's been fifteen years busting asses with R (Au)
Live the guerilla fighters in Barrio Obrero (Yah)
Where there are alleys, hundreds of crackers
The kilos arrived from the foreigner (Ah, ah)
And the powder for the addicts has stopped coming in (Uy)
I adore my hood and its characters (Yah)
A couple of prostitutes, thug savages (Ah)
We change the Hondas, now they are Panameras (Wow, yah)
I come from a village that has palm trees (Yah)
I am the maximum expression in the alley (Uh-huh)
Ad my loyalty, this never diminishes (No)
My boa has weighed since I was a kid in this alley (Yah)
To you they only give it through your throat (Ah, creep)
You talk a lot of shit but you never do anything you say, say
Ask your favorite gangster and they will tell you that I said it because I did it

I'm from P fuckin' R (P fucking R)
Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh (Ah!)
Thugs with the R
Better shut your mouth, hey
Before my guys bury you (Hey)
Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh (Yeh)

The club is open until they close the R
In PR, we drag the R (Rr)
Tell me who you are (Are)
For the K9, the KR
I'm from Puerto Rico (I'm from PR)
They invesigate me for drug trafficking because I traffick music (Ah, ah!)
I left prison and without releasing a song I have a deal for a million and bill (To be honest there is four, haha)
We have drones above your house and without GPS we locate you, yeh
The 22 of C like Vico (Ah!)
I'm from Juana Mato', these we ate from the same plate
And those who kill for me, I kill for them (Haha), ah-ah
I show them tricks of dogs to cats, and yours has been talked of for a while (Ah!)

Attend to me, friend
It's clear to you that I'm one of those who does whatever they want (Hahaha)
Bad Bunny, (Bad Bunny)
Arcángel "La Maravilla" (Arcángel, for; X)
The man Kendo Kaponi (X)
Yeh, yeh ah!
All that protects the sky has its time and its hour (Uh!)
Austin, baby
Apocalypto (Aaah)
Directly from La Calma Suites
The house of Maelo, of Yoti, of Austin, baby
Puerto Rico, one time, say it-say it
La Calma one time, say it