Lyrics : Nothing New

Huh, what up, Rob?
What up, Undefined?
This sh*t it right here, I ain't gon' lie
Huh, ayy
Ayy,?what?up, Rob?
Ayy, ayy,?Sh*ttyBoyz, ayy

It's f**ked up that I?don't fear death
RIP Chris, I ain't even shed a tear yet
When I try and do right, I steer left
Big black chop on my side, [?]
Huh, lil' b*t*h knew the principles
I used to think that my heart was invincible
But, nah, I see that b*t*h just invisible
I just got a heaven-sent BIN, on the biblical
Thrust God, good Amiris, boy, my drip tremendous
I can slide twenty GCs in fifty seconds
I just shock the clerk, I guess this bin electric
Playing with that metal, let it rip like Jimi Hendrix
Real Sh*ttyBoy like I'm in the restroom
Bet that b*t*h jaw drop when we step through
Had yo b*t*h sneak the head like she collect shoes
Finna come lab chain, diamonds on the test tube
Me and Tron, guarantee you couldn't stop us
Got yo b*t*h bending over like she tryna pull her socks up
Like your phone turning on, yeah, my n***as finna pop up
And if she drop the addy, I'ma pull up and drop nuts
New clothes, new hoes but ain't nothing new
Doggy, please back up, I don't f**k with you
And yo mans get f**ked up if he came with you
Damn, the TX with the [?] making money moves
I put two holes in yo head like you getting it pierced
Big shotty, two horns like it came off a deer
You ain't God, dumb n***a, that's all that I fear
Talking out yo neck? I'ma hit you and all your peers
You thought that I was gon' sing? Yeah, you wrong, for sure
She tryna come with me, my n***a, so just let her go
Getting money, don't fold, yeah, that's what I know
Me and Tron came up from the dirt, crazy how we blow

"Man, get yo b*t*h, she in Tron's likes"
TKO with the Drac', I do not fight
Used the 201 and turned Wally's to a [?]
Dance around with this punch on me like it's prom night

Like it's prom night, n***a, we get dressed up
F**k his body, man, we aiming from the neck up
After I'm done with her, Sh*ttyBoyz, they next up
N***a walking out the gym, I got my chest up
BabyTron and YungBoiRob
Tryna hit a lick, get that young boy robbed
F**k with us? Boy, nah
I'm the Punch God, go and punch that clock

Got my dawgs with me, lil' n***a, this ain't PetSmart
We miss his head? Better hope that n***a got a blessed heart
Walk around with my pockets all fat like a left guard
And I just sent a bullet at yo a** like I'm Brett Favre

Walk around in this Nike, I'm a Tech star
I'll throw a bullet, I don't wrestle, I ain't Bret Hart
Man, this sh*t too easy, next bar
I ain't gon' lie, touched a hundred off of XRs
I just f**ked up Saks' catalog
The only person on my a** is my shadow, dawg
I was sick [?] I just had the ball
If I up a pic on the 'Gram then she back on balls

Hell yeah, that b*t*h back on balls
Twenty dollars when she grab my drawers
Huh, that's Ethika
I ain't playing
What up, Rob?
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy