Lyrics : Free Jodi Arias

Free Jodi cause the b*t*h deserves it
Free every woman in jail, yeah, that would be perfect
Once I start making money, man, it's going to them
Then once I get a little more, see, I'm buying a Benz

Then I'm buying new tits, new hair for my friends
Yeah, I like sativa more, but it really depends
Used to be a coke-head, broke bed, no breakfast
Now I'm sucking d**ks about the size of Texas

I'm a motherf**king glamour puss!
Now which one of you motherf**kers wanna man my bush?
Now whack that sh*t, spit b*t*h, get that slick!
If you wanna f**k my ass, let me lube that d**k!

I'm a Christian sl*t and I love to suck
Matthew 3:14 says "In God we f**k"
Got my name tattooed on his right butt cheek
Miss Ayesha Erotica is such a freak