Lyrics : Testarossa!

Put that sh*t down n***a you know can't afford those!
Double G, Double C, Double F, n***a that's my wardrobe!
In a goddamn Hellcat Charger, this b*t*h got four doors
Lil hoe see me in public and she wanna take photos
If yeen talkin bout no bread, then gang that's a nono
Ain't worried about smoke, no we still ride around solo
Just got to LA for a meeting but now we in SoHo
Jose just hit for like 10k on Wells Fargo

I just finished with your hoe, you can come and get her back
I ain't gotta sell my soul just to get a f**kin bag
I just told her suck it slow, she don't need to suck it fast
n***as thought cuz I went ghost
That I wasn't on they ass

Ain't tryna sign me for no millions, hang the phone up on they ass
I just pulled up in a f**kin Tesla Roadster on they ass
Might go cop a different Rari, Testarossa on they ass
I just mixed the f**king Ksubis with the Goshas on they ass
n***as actin real stupid, put them Sojas on they ass
n***as think they hot as sh*t, we put that toaster on they ass
Take the XD right up out that f**kin holster on they ass
We gon slide up in that Honda, get a closeup on they ass