Lyrics : Prove it

Woah, woah
(Popstar), woah
Woah, (-Gianni), woah
Woah, woah

Out of me and you who the f**k you think she gon choose? (Who she gon chose?)
This XD right here give a lil n***a the blues, (yea)
Ben Frank, Ben Frank, Ben Frank, yeah I love the blues, (Oh yeah)
These n***as ain't worth the dirt under my LV boots, (Ha)
Whats that in my cup I just poured up a two times two, (woah)
This XD [?] compared to your lil 22, (woah)
Banana link clip on the drac it's gon shoot yo lil dude
You say you getting money, well you gotta prove it, (you gotta prove it)

Glock 19 on my side if i'm riding he ruthless, (riding he ruthless)
Lil bro thought he could jug me boy you must be a doofus, (ha, nah, nah, nah)
(Popstar), Lil b*t*h keep calling my phone god damn she a nuisance
This 33 round clip damn near long as a flute is, (yeah)
Don't mean to come off as c*cky i'm really just confident, that's my persona, (yeah)
Rino went viral for no reason, n***a was hustling by the corona, (yeah)
CLA in the drive way, I don't do rentals, baby if I much rather own it, (skrt)
I just be chilling for real, n***a come and get yo smoke if you wanna