Lyrics : Must Admit

I been on my own!
(Fifty Grand)
Yeah they see us ony at the top
I been on my own!
Yeah they see us only at the top

I been on my own yeah I do this I ain't never need no help from a n***a or a b*t*h
Thotties on my phone they get put on DND I been way too focused on some other sh*t
Run up get em' gone you way dumber than I thought if you think Autumar Wick gon' f**kin' miss
Pray that I stay strong it's a lot thats on my mind but I'm still livin' good I must admit

Got this lil' b*t*h off the drugs she movin slower than a slug
We was too f**ked up I made her go f**k Wick
I be off the Oxy I dont need no alcohol I be sippin' on that drank until I'm sick
Need more currency more models, she gon' suck it she gon swallow
See this Dior on she know that I'm the sh*t
b*t*h I can change ya lil' body buy ya titties get ya ass how you lookin real exotic how you lit
I need Oxy I need Molly I need more Oxy more Molly
Got a b*t*h that work at Follies she 26
I can get her lit and name drop her but I know that's what she want
And she ain't gon get it from me she know I ain't sh*t
Slidin through Hollywood in the i8 with the doors up
Soon as she seen me she froze up, she wanna get a pic
Got a Glock on me no holster tryna set me up you toe up
Ain't got 10 racks I ain't gon show
Lame ass n***a what you don't get