Lyrics : Poptart

(oooh, nanana)
He be all in my head but he not smart (not smart)
I be poppin my sh*t like a poptart (like a poptart)
And these b*t*hes really dissin, she a thot thot (thot thot)
Big guns, go boom, thats va AR

You was telin me you got yo name up
Told me if I rock with you it might be dangerous
Told you I dont care bout sh*t dont treat me famous
On my mama, im the rawest in da fame uh
b*t*hes jealous, take yo chain, and put my chain down
Let a n***a mourn, you know he couldn't eat me out
All this pain im feelin, hit the booth and sing about
No loyalty up in my hood, we goin make it out