Lyrics : Baby Sitter (Nitin Randhawa Remix)

Nitin Randhawa
You are watching a master at work
You know I ain't come to play, let’s get it (Turn me up)
I'm snappin' off the rip
Your ho say I’m her favorite n***a (Hah)
You probably don't wan' let your baby mama take a picture (Why? Go Grizz)
'Cause I'm the type of Baby that's gon' f**k the babysitter (Marii Beatz, turn me up)
I just did a show and pulled off laughin' on a hatin’ n***a (Hah)
Them b*t*hes aimin’ at y'all fast, I’m on these rapper n***as' ass
I pulled that .40 out, he better have an angel with him

You tryna book me for a show, you gotta pay me 'fore I go
To feed the family, I ain't got no time to play with n***as (Ayy, what you see?)
I see these n***as think they tough, you play with me, you know it’s up
You think it's sweet then call my bluff and I'ma spank a n***a (Yeah)
f**k all them n***as and whoever they got hangin' with 'em, b*t*h
I'ma die of old age whenever I die (What we gon' do?)
Walk down on that n***a, f**k a drive-by (Yeah)
His b*t*h came in with me but she ain't mine, mine (She not mine)
Free my cousin 'til he free, he doin' time time (Let him free)
I'm the motherf**kin' best but I'm not Khaled (Ayy, we the best)
She like how I be dressin', ain't no salad (Uh-huh)
Can't f**k with her, she messy, that's a hazard (Oh no)
Tell the ref to blow the whistle, that b*t*h traveled (Brrt)
f**k all that talkin', we 'bout action (What we 'bout?)
You got a son, you play with me, your son a b*st*rd (Haha)
That n***a trippin', why he laughin'?
Nah, that's f**ked up, bro, you ain't have to goddamn bring the kids into it