Lyrics : Hanging Posters

I'm friends with friends who
Are not my friends but
We do a marvelous job
Playing pretend and
As time has passed
I've come to bask
Inside one glorious fact
The past will always be the past
And that's just that so

I'm hanging posters on my wall
Till one by one I watch 'em fall
As friendly faces through the years
Slowly fade and disappear
We were built to drift apart
Friends are for the faint of heart
Don't act like you're torn apart
When we both knew this from the start

I say I'm bad at texting
But there's more to that fact
See, I'm not just bad at texting
I dont want to text you back
And friendships are like yearbooks
The pictures always last
But rarely do those pictures
Call you up and try to ask
How things in life are treating you?
Have you been doing well?
And even when those people call
I find it hard to tell
If all our conversations
Have incentives that are hidden
So to all my failed relationships
I say to you good riddance