Lyrics : Foggy

Pacin' by the docks, white socks fitted like Ice Cube
Shady, but the cops never f**k with a white dude
Bad attitude because this whole past year
All the crackheads started hanging out at the pier
And it's clear, that things really changed around here
All the hoes instagraming the rear in tight gear
And I ain't complaining, but the realness is gone
So I'm sitting by the water with a coffee while the dawn
Peaks over the horizon like "Rise and shine!"
People look me in the eye, but they eyes are blind
Glazed over like a mental or spiritual takeover
Technology replaced the coke and baking soda, that's (BASS!)
And all that's left is a remnant
And I never gave a f**k until my girl got pregnant, like
This is what I'll be raising a child in?
And my skin's morphin', I be buggin' and wildin'
More sensitive to sin, more incentive to win
Knowing enemies will come and smell the scent on the wind
I'm forever the king of this Connecticut thing
You hanging on by a thread until I sever the string

*Live and reppin...*
*...In full effect...*
*Organized crime in New England has been reorganized*
*Up and down the rugged New England coast*

Drop a couple quarters on the counter and I'm out
Grab the bag of chips and light the cig in my mouth
Gotta figure this out, such a rigorous route
Bad vibes all around me start to trigger the doubt
Living, laying over flowers, five rolling in over the towers
Bums stumble outta bars after hours
Cops on the strip looking for a vic
Somebody's little sis getting flipped for a grip
This the N-L-C-T L-I-F-E
But I'm trying to escape, the why I M-C
You can see despair is in the air
I swear they unaware, of everything, everywhere
Don't care about nothing but themselves
Mountain Avenue full of dutch guts and half-shells, it's hell
Covered by colonial cribs
(audibles?) and sh*t got parents disowning their kids
It's so grimy, stray bullet might find me
Hook me to an I.V., right before they sign me
sh*t, sounding like another fifth, every day another cat getting smoked like piff
Every hooker on the block got coke they sniff
This the sh*t I get for the life I live
Little town full of darkness
Black magic in the carcass
Witches rituals that hark(?) this