Lyrics : Blue sky on mars

Just youuu....
Just meee...

I am the Leviathan
Violence playing over violence
Vials in the lab full of vile things
Fire brings smoke clouds
Dead kings and broke crowns
You on the highway to hell and you broke down
Your brakes cut, when will these motherf**kers wake up?
Crying over b*t*hes like a real bad break-up
You probably turn Drake up, and turn Wu off
I don't f**k with new music because it sounds too soft
Even underground rappers sing emotional sh*t now
Looking all confused like I'm supposed to just sit down
I'ma burn you motherf**kers to ash
Completely disintegrate you like a space-ship's crash
I'ma take this stash, and I'ma make this cash
Invest in the stock market, I'ma make this last
I'ma (❓) in the atmosphere to make this splash
Get on your knees, close your eyes, I'ma make this fast
Shots echoing, people running for cover
My engine revving, and I'm 'bout to start burning rubber
So burn another, turn another song on
Sample's old-school, it could turn your mother's mom on
Metal heads fighting to the front to get they mosh on
While I'm sitting back, counting stacks like Mahjong
Make money money take money, yeah rock on
I'm a speeding rocket hitting targets that I lock on