Lyrics : Stay The Night

You hit my phone, I can tell that you're alone
I can tell just what you want in this penthouse apartment
Girl, we both grown. What's the point of waiting for?
Conversations' getting old. Let my hands do the talkin'
I ain't gon' be too proud to beg, girl
Red wine, cloud nine, hop in my bed, girl
Can't lie, can't hide, I want you bad, girl
I want you bad, girl. Yeah

So won't you stay the night
And I'm a put this work in, put in overtime
And I'm a keep on goin' till you're satisfied
And you ain't gotta tell me what's been on your mind
I know what you like
Won't you stay the night
And I ain't in no hurry, I'm a take my time
And by the time is over, I'm a make you mine
Girl, come and show me all the dirty things you like
Come on and stay the night

Now that I got you alone, girl it's time to put on a show
You're takin' off all your clothes and I'm losing control
We'll speed it up and go slow. Girl, I love the way that you moan
And all the neighbors gon' know what we on
And no, I don't care at all
And I'm not gon' be pickin' up no calls
From the bed all the way down to the floor
Girl, you know that I'm lovin' you. You know that I'm lovin' you